we wear culture by google

the other day, i (laura) came across a very interesting segment on style, fashion, and culture by google! there are some really cool exclusive video’s from different museums all over the world, including the metropolitan museum of art, museo salvatore ferragamo, kyoto costume institute, and others that showcase different designers, style icons, traditional dressings, and conservation tactics. seriously, everyone needs to check this out! it is so cool. i feel like i can’t fully sum it up- there is just so much in this segment!!!

one of my favorite parts of the segment is the piece on all different fashion icons and designers that have changed the way we view style and fashion today. Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 1.53.16 PM.png

another really cool part highlights the fashion forward movements/groups that have made a big difference in this world.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 1.55.10 PM.png

there’s also a diverse section on the making of different cultural/traditional fashion pieces that is worth checking out.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 1.58.05 PM.png

i hope you find this as interesting as i did! thank you, google for such a cool read!!


jen gotch of ban.do!!

we first found out about jen gotch through blogger bri emery of designlovefest. later we followed jen on instagram and quickly became obsessed. jen gotch is the woman behind ban.do! for those of you who have not yet been blessed with the pleasure of hearing about ban.do, it is a gorgeous, spunky gift and fashion accessory shop. you need to check it out!!  not only is jen a social media queen, but her snapchat (username: jengotch) stories are the funniest thing. seriously, you need to follow her. also, go look through jen’s website as it is officially the coolest and most creative personal website we have ever seen.

jen has also become a very well known photographer. we love her defaced polaroids (below) and her photostrips (more on her cool website):


and now here’s some of the cute stuff we love over at ban.do:

pink fanny pack
are these not the cutest thank you cards ever?
the confetti floats around in this phone case…so cool!
obsessed with these “i am very busy” socks
super fun party cups!
funky red nails earrings!
love this keychain.… ban.do is the coolest 
“pink skies up ahead” t-shirt is a must have too

also, check out jen’s interview with forbes … they mention that jen wears roller skates around the office and we are thinking, hmm can we work there?!

summer posts from around the web

summer is a great time for many bloggers to share trips, projects, and outdoor parties.

here are some of our favorites from around the web!

designlovefest’s outdoor brunch

the londoner’s evening in provence

barefoot blonde’s renovated living room

taza’s boat ride in italy 

evergreen and ivy’s hot air balloon adventure

and really any of the classy girls wear pearl’s posts because wow do they ever do trips right!

happy wednesday, friends! don’t forget to wish jane a happy birthday tomorrow!



pokemon NO

wow! while i, laura, was out of town (mission trip in south dakota, more to come later!) apparently a game called “pokemon go” went viral.  i came home to find everyone walking around the lake with their heads down and eyes glued to their phones. this made me so so sad to see, especially because i was in “i love you and missed you, minneapolis” mode. can we all please just stay away from this  game and actually enjoy the outdoors?!  i don’t know, is it too crazy to go outside and just be? also, earlier today i went for a bike ride and there were so many annoying people pulled off to the side of the trail, playing this game! agh this makes me so upset. i just wish, sometimes, that all the phones could disappear, i truly believe that everyone would have a better time and live more in the moment.

sorry for my rant! if i haven’t convinced you to not play, here are some articles 😉

florida teens, mistaken for thieves, shot at playing pokemon go

crowd stampedes in central park after rare pokemon sighting 

robbers use gps coordinates to steal players’ phones

is this a joke… man quits job to play pokemon go full-time

come on people, we can do better than this!



ted talks

we think ted talks are really awesome!! what a good way to give people the opportunity to educate, inspire, and express.

here are some of our favorites:

this is what happens when you reply to spam email

inside the mind of a master procrastinator

the surprising logical minds of babies

fashion and creativity

do schools kill creativity?

why you think you’re right– even if you’re wrong

why we have too few women leaders

the beauty of being a misfit

teach girls bravery, not perfection

i survived a terrorist attack. here’s what i learned

happy listening, friends!

sunday procrastination

we are not feeling like doing homework, cleaning our rooms, organizing our closets, or preparing for the week to come on this lazy sunday morning…watching movies, online shopping, and naps are way too tempting.

if you’re feeling similar, check out the links below for some entertaining articles, videos, etc:

what happened when i forced myself to wake up at 5am for a week (via brit + co)

eleven easy hairstyles to wear while traveling (via brit + co)

i made lipstick out of bubblegum and this is what happened (via brit + c0)

nineteen products that’ll let you nap like you’re in kindergarten  (via buzzfeed- these would come in clutch during boring classes and slow work days.)

twenty-nine awesome things you didn’t know you could subscribe to (via buzzfeed- who doesn’t love fun mail days?!)

mean tweets- [oscar] movie edition (jimmy kimmel live via youtube- very appropriate given that the oscars are tonight!)

twenty-one thinks you’ll relate to if your parents only let you watch pbs growing up (via buzzfeed)

santaland diaries: david sedaris (via youtube- this is probably the funniest christmas related podcast, you’ll laugh so hard)

this lady turned 110 and she has had enough (via youtube- this lady is an absolute riot)

happy sunday !