tokyo fashion

i, jane, just got back from tokyo, japan a few days ago! (more to come on my itinerary soon) when i went to tokyo, i had a single vision of what kind of fashion i would see. i imagined the eccentric, colorful “baby doll” style outfits that people tend to stereotype tokyo for having. however, i was instead exposed to wide spectrum of styles. something very prevalent was a french influence. french boutiques and french inspired fashion was everywhere. to further investigate, i spent a day in the western area of tokyo near the ebisu subway station to shop the french boutique filled neighborhoods.  here are a few pictures and pieces i brought home !





loved this blue blouse. (this is the back)


Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 9.05.00 PM.png
this yellow shirt was my favorite purchase of the trip.
was also in love with this fun collar, but sadly it didn’t fit right. (and the whole store was one size fits all… which isn’t too uncommon for tokyo!)

and speaking of fashion, here’s what i wore for my week in asia.


pink sweatshirt: h&m

black jeans: madewell

green shoes: karhu (and also the absolute best shoes for traveling. super comfortable and easy to match and work with a variety of outfits and colors)


shirt: [laura’s] madewell top from last year

scarf: f21


this backpack was a game changer. cute, comfy, affordable, fun, and can fit a lot of stuff… it’s got it all.


another travel tip: reversible, packable down coat ! mine was from amazon (laundry brand). here it is in purple and a very similar one here.


sweater: jcrew last season

scarf: above

maroon pants: paige brand here. (all their pants are super comfortable and don’t get worn or torn)

shoes: above

stay tuned !


LA for a few days

hope everyone is having a good wednesday! i am in the final push until spring break, while jane is already on her way to tokyo (more on that soon)!

i visited my sister in LA last weekend and ran into some cool stuff:

a sprinkles cupcake atm right on usc’s campus!
we ran into a cool art exhibit in the arts district


enjoyed some smaller designer sales in beautiful art district buildings! check out that ceiling in the reflection of the mirror. 
some happy balloons over a farmers market
i fell in love with poketo!
i mean seriously, this is too cool



gotta love this funky place



shirt is an old urban crop top and forever 21 jean skirt (here is it in the lighter wash)
can’t beat that brick


thank you, bella for having us and abby for being my travel buddy!

laura in miami!

both jane and i were lucky enough to get some sun in florida (i was in miami and jane in fort lauderdale) last weekend!

here’s some of my fav pics from the weekend:

in search of sun
pink skies



recognize those shoes from our spring break shoes post?
10/10 would recommend novecento in miami
what i was doing while you were breeding by kristin newman is the perfect book for vacation- a must read!
i’m not a fan of the huge tent behind me haha


thank you for the great trip, mary, maeve, hannah, martha, and greta x2!!!

spring break shoes

happy wednesday, everyone!! we are definitely looking forward to getting somewhere warm in the next few months. luckily, we both have some trips on the calendar!

here’s our favorite sandals for this spring season:

(click & scroll over picture for number)

links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

happy shopping!

a christmas cruise

this past week, i, jane, spent my time on a cruise through florida and cozumel, mexico. it was a fun filled week spent with some of the most special people in my life, my family. here are a few pictures from our time at sea.


the trip started in miami, florida. we celebrated being reunited with relatives as we watched the sun go down and paint the sky purple.

i got this (similar) american eagle tank for airport navigating and the long first day of travel.

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 2.00.03 PM.png

the miami skyline.

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 2.00.39 PM.png

on day two, we stopped in key west, florida for a few hours. after jewelry shopping and taking a picture in front of the ernest hemingway house, we boarded the ship for a day by the pool.


[ignore my fashion forward cruise “sail and sign” card and lanyard]


cozumel, mexico! i have never seen water so blue or trees so green. amazing. while in cozumel, we went snorkeling and enjoyed a couple hours at the beach.


Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 2.11.11 PM.png


stepping off the ship in the sunny and gorgeous cozumel made the nights of sea sickness and sea legs all worth it.

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 2.11.01 PM.png

thank you carnival cruises and my family for providing nothing but fun and a good time.

weekend in maryland!

happy monday everyone! this weekend i, jane, visited maryland. similar to my trip over the summer, i stayed in annapolis with friends of friends. i spent my long weekend walking around town, shopping, eating plenty of delicious food, etc. we also visited the us naval academy and went to the army vs. navy football in baltimore. such a fun filled trip and adorable place to visit.


day 1: fly msp –> bwi, dinner at the iron rooster, shopping “midnight madness” in downtown annapolis

day 2: dunkin donuts and naval bagels for breakfast, walking around east port, touring the naval academy, fun out on the town

day 3: tailgate and watch the army vs. navy game

day 4: dunkin donuts and naval bagels for breakfast again, fly home

outfit details:

white converse, madewell jeans, gap coat, forever 21 turtle neck


jane’s vsco

abby’s (friend) vsco 


summer posts from around the web

summer is a great time for many bloggers to share trips, projects, and outdoor parties.

here are some of our favorites from around the web!

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and really any of the classy girls wear pearl’s posts because wow do they ever do trips right!

happy wednesday, friends! don’t forget to wish jane a happy birthday tomorrow!



mission trip 2016

i, laura, have been back from my mission trip, to pine ridge native american reservation, for some time now, but it’s taken me longer than i expected to gather my thoughts and write this post.  this trip was one that i will never forget because of the children that i met and the community that i got to know in south dakota.  pine ridge reservation is the poorest native american reservation in the country and one of the biggest. the reservation did not even look as if it belonged to this country, yet alone somewhere just a handful of hours away from my house. i expected the people there to be unwelcoming, broken, and bitter; however, i was completely wrong. the adults were a little shy but very thankful that we would play with their kids and take the time to gain an understanding of the conditions there.  i was introduced to the vicious poverty cycle that the reservation has been stuck in for years. the children were such a blessing and so happy and hopeful given their surroundings. it was such a blessing to spend a week there and i hope to go back someday.


and one thousand underdogs later, we were still on the swings
we visited this 42 foot cross (in the middle of nowhere) and it was super cool
we loved watching these kids play baseball…
…so that we challenged them to a game



the windy city

this weekend, i, jane, spent a few days in chicago, il. every time i find my way to this awesome city, i fall in love with it all over again. i think the culture mesh, size, and layout of the city is pretty perfect.

here were my adventures in the windy city (via pictures):

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.33.12 PM.png
this is just adorable
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.34.06 PM.png
busy people everywhere
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.34.44 PM.png
ohio street beach
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.35.37 PM.png
a car window pic i am quite proud of
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.36.24 PM.png
dunkin’ donuts: another reason to come back

we explored the navy pier area, ate deep dish pizza, and day dreamed about being down the block at lollapalooza.

happy new week friends !

us naval academy & annapolis

today we drove from philly to richmond, va but stopped for an afternoon meal and stroll around the gorgeous annapolis. it is the cutest little town with great dining, shopping, and views of the water. a large part of the downtown area is taken up by the naval academy which is an amazing experience in and of itself. we got to see the summer program for incoming freshmen plebes as pictured below. annapolis wowed me beyond my expectations.

(shirt from h&m, shorts from banana republic, bralette from evereve, glasses from a local botique in mpls)

go navy !