saint genevieve: a sweet spot

i, laura, finally got to this adorable french restaurant named saint genevieve today for a coffee and some sweets! located on 50th and bryant in mpls, this super stylish spot has unreal sweets, coffee, and of course, french food! saint genevieve is the perfect solution for travel envy as it makes you feel like you’re in paris, even if it’s just for a meal.

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excuse the reflection but love the gold details
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small & sweet
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how cool is this wallpaper by the bathrooms?!

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super rich and bold latte
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the carrot cake was to die for!

happy thursday!

happy thurs!

it’s almost the weekend! i, laura, plan on soaking up some sun, running around lake harriet, and catching up on some sleep.

i recently read the best book called isn’t it pretty to think so by jake miller that i would totally recommend!! it’s kind of a bildungsroman that also features great imagery and unique thoughts that cause you to question life as you know it. i could not put it down!


i’ve also been enjoying abstract: the art of design on netflix. it’s a very tastefully done documentary series where each episode features a different artist in very diverse fields of art. it is seriously inspiring, interesting, and amazing- check it out!

as for songs, i’ve been listening to the following: bound to you// jocelyn alice, love// kendrick lamar, how i want ya// hudson thames, doing good// milky chance, wicked// mansionz, and shot down// khalid.

also! i turned 18 a couple days ago. 17 was a great year for me, full of tough decisions and personal growth. 17 brought me fun concerts: broods, rock the garden, børns, trips to new york, naples, miami, and LA, college decisions, late nights of studying, experimenting with writing & photography, memories with family and friends, and a greater understanding of who i am. i am excited for the future and feel very content with the past- every day really does matter and i hope to make them all count as an 18 year old.

thanks for reading! take care & find some sunshine!

LA for a few days

hope everyone is having a good wednesday! i am in the final push until spring break, while jane is already on her way to tokyo (more on that soon)!

i visited my sister in LA last weekend and ran into some cool stuff:

a sprinkles cupcake atm right on usc’s campus!
we ran into a cool art exhibit in the arts district


enjoyed some smaller designer sales in beautiful art district buildings! check out that ceiling in the reflection of the mirror. 
some happy balloons over a farmers market
i fell in love with poketo!
i mean seriously, this is too cool



gotta love this funky place



shirt is an old urban crop top and forever 21 jean skirt (here is it in the lighter wash)
can’t beat that brick


thank you, bella for having us and abby for being my travel buddy!

linden hills

today we enjoyed a quiet morning at one of minneapolis’ cutest spots: linden hills! first we grabbed coffee and pastries at rose street patisserie and got some work done (we’ve also concluded that senior slides are not a real thing). then we set off to walk through some of the small boutiques around the area, including honeyshine and the best children’s book store, wild rumpus.

here’s some pictures from our rainy fall morning:

rose street is such a serene spot
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they also have the yummiest food, a must go to for all those in the local area
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wild rumpus has chickens, cats, and birds just hanging out in random parts of the store. we used to come here all the time when we were little, it is truly a great place.

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we’re obsessed with these little minnesota inspired pictures
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got to love a beautifully decorated store
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laura’s outfit: forever 21 coat, urban outfitters shirt, athlete leggings (similar here), and converse (similar here)

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check out jane’s super cool karhu shoes and athleta pants


bye bye summer job

i, laura, absolutely adored my summer job. i spent everyday taking pictures of clothes for an online website and got to learn the ins and outs of an online business. it was everything i could have asked for and more. my last day was last friday and i’ll admit it was pretty hard to say goodbye. i have nothing but respect for the great company i got to work for and an even greater appreciation for my coworkers that made each day full of laughter and fun. i cannot wait to join the full-time working word one day and i hope to do something that can combine my love for business and fashion.

so, fawbush’s thank you for having me this summer. it was a pleasure.

time for the trip!

i, laura, leave tomorrow morning on my second mission trip with my church group.  while this trip has been giving me some sleepless nights, i know i will have a good time. i always hate to leave my bed, my house, and give up my beloved alone time, but it is also will be fun to be with 80 kids i grew up with.  as i will be phone and computer free, jane will be taking over posts next week so, enjoy!!

here’s five things i would not leave without for this low maintenance trip:

vaseline spray on lotion

amika dry shampoo

trader joe’s hand cream

concealer and collector stick

birkenstock sandals

hope everyone is having a good day!

happy 5th!

how’d you spend your weekend?

jane spent it enjoying her family at her cabin up north…

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.14.29 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.15.05 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.14.48 PM

…while laura celebrated the fourth and her grandpa’s 80th birthday at her grandparents house.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.15.50 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.16.18 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.16.29 PM

hope everyone had a happy, safe long weekend– now, let’s get back to work!

we’ve changed up our style…

and so should you! welcome to the new and improved distinctive style, we are still working out some kinks, but let us know what you think!!

here are five funky things to change up your style:

we love midi length dresses
copy kylie’s hair tattoo look
mix up your mirrors
perfect for a unique touch of color
try a two piece outfit!

musings on the night before my birthday

tomorrow is my (laura) birthday-  yay! i always love to look back at old pictures and writings to summarize my year. it was a great year for me full of memories, laughter, music, travel, and some hardships too. i went to three concerts (the griswolds, cultivate, and misterwives). i traveled to chicago, philadelphia, cabins up north, california, chile, argentina, boston, and new york. i spent my time being outside, writing, studying, biking, adventuring with friends, taking pictures, enjoying the people around me, and learning about myself.  this year challenged me in every way possible but i would not have changed anything if i could.  as i conclude yet another year of my life and welcome a new one, i cannot help but think of the people who have gotten me this far. thank you to my parents who taught me how to not take life so seriously, my siblings who taught me how to be myself, my friends that brought so much light to my life, and every person who inspired me.

“accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be” welcome, 17 !



summer via pinterest

here’s a few pins for anyone needing more excitement for warm weather, sun, sea, and extra free time!

let these images bring you to your most relaxed, happy place:

(image by roberto berlim) 
(image by gray malin
we can’t wait to try these banana chocolate chia seed popsicles (here)
(by urban outfitters)
doesn’t seem right to not have a cute swimsuit in this mix (here)
this one is for those who prefer touring over beaching (here)
welcome back one pieces! love the cut of this one. (here)
this is my kind of a rainy day (here)
(by topo designs)


start summer off with some new sunnies. this season is bringing back bold colors, shapes, and sizes. (here)

check out our pinterests if you have not already (jane & laura).

p.s. is it just us or is this week taking forever? hang in there, friends! happy (almost) summer.